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Childrens Lounge Roanoke

 Children’s Lounge provides a caring and invigorating environment with a family-like atmosphere.  We aid in the development, growth, and success of your children with qualified caregivers and a great curriculum and lesson plans where playing is learning and learning is our job. 

Programs for you! 

Day Program: 

(16 months to 5 years old) 

Monday-Friday from the hours of 7:00 am to 6:00pm Roanoke


Please email for availability and rates


1342 Riverland Rd SE Roanoke VA 24014


7:00 AM- 6 PM

Childrens Lounge SML

Programs for you!

Day Program

(8 weeks to 8 years of age)

7 AM- 5:30 PM


Please Email for availability and rates


1077 Town circle way, Moneta VA 24121


7:00 AM -6:00pm M-F       (Roanoke)

7:00 AM-5:30pm M-F      (SML)


                            Contact US

540-892-3693                 540-541-8732